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Bon Lux Candle

Bon Lux Candle

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BON LUX products are created in small batches, using the finest materials; sustainably farmed soy wax, locally sourced plant and essential oils, cotton wicks, hand blown glass, beautiful paper stock and locally printed illustrated packaging. 

Boxed BON LUX votive candle
100% cotton lead-free wick
340g weight
85mm high
70mm diameter
100% sustainable soy wax
unique hand-crafted perfume
36hr burn


Travel Tin candle

100% sustainable soy wax
silver brushed metal tin
100% cotton, lead-free wick
40mm high
45mm diameter
unique hand-crafted perfume
6-8 hr burn

Tealight Sampler
A sampler set of 6 BON LUX signature scents in tea light size, 
presented in the sweetest illustrated gift box.

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ASLEEP IN CLOUDS' - A whispy soft scent of a sunny breeze through fresh linen.

EPICE DOUX  - means 'soft spice' in French. The spiced scent of an old fashioned pomander, blending of orange rind with warm-chai spices of clove, cinnamon and peppercorn.

POLLEN - A perfume capturing a fresh breeze through the trees, after rain, of flowering acacia and eucalyptus, native flora of the Australian bushland.

GRASS + CLOVER-  Fresh and green as a field of freshly mown grass in the sunshine, this candle brings the freshness of outdoors, the sound of the lawn mower, after the rain.

BONNE NUIT - A whispery, dusky soft scent, perfect for the night-time. Blending notes of violet petal with pink peppercorns and earthy oakmoss.

FLORA - The heady perfume of a florist-shop; a dream of a thousand flowers in the sunshine. This candle blends bright notes of daffodil with sweet lily of the valley flowers and fresh cut grass.