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Flowering NOW

 A few weeks ago we participated in Flowering NOW. A floral exhibition dreamed up by super florists Katie Marx + Cecilia Fox

Katie Marx & Cecilia fox have been dreaming of an opportunity to work on a creative project that engages with our florist community, that emphasises the artful, ambitious and unconventional side of what we all do. An exhibition of sorts, where there is no brief, no restrictions or commercial demands. We see this as a chance to share amongst one another and a wider viewing public our different signature styles, to emphasis our capacity to forage, build, gather and grow flowers in a way that belies traditional understandings of floristry.

This opportunity is the kind we dream of, full creative control and workings alongside such an incredible group of florists. 

With one two weeks to put this together ( and three weddings on the same weekend) at the last moment, we came up with a design. Using foraged materials from my family property and delicate, field floral we created a river bank of sorts.

 This project was really challenging for me personally nearing the end of the season I have been feeling exhausted and burnt out.   Tn the end I created something that I like but wasn't super proud of. A bit disappointed I wasn't able to push myself and my skills further. 

Flowering NOW was perfectly timed, reminding me what I love about flowers, to make sure I have time and room to keep creative and professional development happening.

most of all it made me to so grateful for our beautiful flower industry, that we can band together and make something beautiful just so the love of it. 

thank you to everyone who came, cannot wait for next year!

Read more about this amazing exhibition over at The Design Files.
Photography by Samee Lapham